A Guide to Types of Fasteners

A Guide to Types of Fasteners


A fastener is a mechanical device that permanently join […]

A fastener is a mechanical device that permanently joins or securely affixes two or more fixed materials together. In essence, fasteners are employed to make permanent, strong connections; which is, connections that cannot be easily broken or removed without destroying the joining elements. Examples of fasteners are nuts, bolts, and screws.

Fastener security is often compromised when security mechanisms are weak or not in place, or if the fastener is a piece that could be removed easily. Common examples of weak security devices are lock nuts. The weak link in lock nuts is the washer - a washer that secures the nut to the shaft of the lock.

Bolts are also one of the common types of fasteners. A bolt is a shaft or handle, that is bent into an angle. The washer is part of the bolt shaft and provides a firm grip on the nut or bolt. Many types of bolts, including double-sided tapered and oil-sealed construction bolts, are available in the market. Bolts come in a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, and nickel.

One of the most commonly used fastener is the anchor bolt. An anchor bolt, also known as a lock nut, is a threaded fastener with a hexagonal head, rather than a flat head, like the washer. Anchor bolts are frequently used in the construction of automobiles to secure the axle of the front wheels to the frame. Bolts have a hexagonal head and a washer and can be either threaded or lock washer.

A screw is a fastener that screws an object together. Unlike bolts and other fasteners, screws do not have a washer that fits around the outside of the hole they occupy. Screws are generally made of steel or some other hard metal and are often incorporated with nuts and bolts. There are several different styles of screws, including screw drive and torsion style, and there are both long and short types of screws. Screws can usually be locked together with a drive bar.

There are other types of fasteners, including nuts and bolts, that are sometimes used in the construction of a structure. Other commonly used fasteners include nails and set screws, which are generally used for securing masonry objects to the concrete. Bolts, screws, nuts, and nails can be purchased from a number of sources, including hardware stores and online retailers.

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