All About T Bolts

All About T Bolts


The fastener, T Head Bolt is a hexagonal head with a T […]

The fastener, T Head Bolt is a hexagonal head with a T face or square face. Its common use fastener which provide with a threaded screw to attach the target object with a T face or square face and sit flush or almost flush with the surrounding surface of the material. The fastener consists of two faces, (tightned) one face is in the open position and the other face is in its closed position. The two faces are fitted with threads that are in complementary positions to each other.

In general bolts have open ends and are available in different size and thread types. There are hexagonal head bolts which have hexagonal slot heads. These are called as hex-head bolts. hexagonal head bolts have hexagonal slots on their round heads.

There are many other types and sizes of T-bolts and these are listed in the following table. These bolts differ from one another by one or more features like thread type, thread pattern, material of the bolt, the bolt head number, the bolt head bolt number and its application. Thread type indicates the bolt which can be threaded through one or more sizes of shanks. It can be threaded through both small and large sized shanks.

Thread pattern tells about the pattern of the threads. It is measured in degrees and is usually in either closed loop or open loop configuration. Open loop configuration indicates a thread path that is perpendicular to the bolt face. In case of high strength bolts such as the m6, t-head bolts the high strength version has hexagonal head bolts having hexagonal slot heads.

The materials used for T-bolts are usually those of carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel and sometimes chrome vanadium. Chrome vanadium is also used but not as frequently as carbon steel or aluminium. Chrome is used because it is corrosion resistant and because it is lighter than most materials. However, it is important to note that the combination of materials for the purpose of T-bolts is often very limited and one may have to use different materials if he wants to have good quality and durability of the bolt.

The head bolt pattern for the m6 is T in shape. This is an example of a triangular bolt. The square bolts of the m6 are generally smaller than the round shank T-head bolts. The square head bolts are also called Malaysian double cut.

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