China DIN 934 Hex Nuts Fastener

China DIN 934 Hex Nuts Fastener


The DIN 934 Hex Nuts are used in a wide variety of appl […]

The DIN 934 Hex Nuts are used in a wide variety of applications. Regardless of whether you need nuts for a bolt or stud, you will find them at Yongnian County Hao Heng Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. These hex nuts are generally made from high-quality steel wires and feature an A2 (grade 70) metric thread.

These fasteners are available in a variety of finishes. They can be fine-toothed and coarse-toothed, and are easy to adjust in both clearance and torque. This makes them an excellent choice for automotive or mechanical fastener applications. However, they can't be adjusted as easily as their coarse counterparts. Those who need a fastener for a bolt or stud can choose the fine-toothed version.

Hex Nuts are available in sizes ranging from M3 to M64. Most of them are self-colour, and have a hexagonal head. They are available in various grades of steel and stainless steel, and are available with custom threads. Hex bolts can be zinc-plated or yellow-plated for corrosion resistance. In addition, hex bolts are commonly used in critical applications where corrosion resistance is a concern.

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