Do You Know The China Flange Nut

Do You Know The China Flange Nut


The China Flange Nut Factory is located in Jiaxing City […]

The China Flange Nut Factory is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, and manufactures a variety of nuts. Many customers hail these nuts as the finest in the world. What's even better is that the factory produces these nuts for low prices while ensuring the quality. This is one reason why this factory is so popular. Besides, they have trained personnel on site, which makes handling emergencies much easier. And there is also a recycling program in place.

Hex flange nuts are used in a variety of industries, including large-scale power generation machinery, rail transit, and steel structure engineering. Hex flange nuts are also called rail bolts. When choosing a flange nut, make sure to consider the following:

Hex flange nuts are another option. These nut types are generally used in pipelines to increase contact surface with workpieces. Hex flange nuts can be serrated on one side or both. If your application requires the nut to be securing multiple pieces together, you can select a rotary flange nut. Its serrated sides prevent the nut from vibrating when it is being assembled, thereby maintaining the nut's holding force.

Most flange nuts are used in applications where the hole is oversized. Their wide rims provide more surface area than conventional nuts, and help to distribute the load more evenly. Because they are oversized, flanged nuts can fit into oversized holes, minimizing the chance of damaging the part or loosening it. However, they require a bolt to function properly. You should be able to find a China Flange Nut Factory that produces a wide range of flange nuts at low prices.

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