Market scale analysis of fastener industry in 2020

Market scale analysis of fastener industry in 2020


With the rapid development of modern technology, the fa […]

With the rapid development of modern technology, the fastener industry has also improved in 2019. For example, major standard parts industry leaders have entered the e-commerce field in order to adapt to the needs of the times. With the industry’s penetration of Internet technology, fasteners are constantly increasing Update new platforms and new outlets. At present, there are more than 7,000 fastener manufacturers in my country, and there are more than 2,000 above-scale enterprises in this industry, but there are not many large-scale enterprises with a total industrial output value of more than 500 million yuan. Therefore, the overall scale of domestic fastener companies is relatively small. Due to the small overall scale of domestic fastener companies and weak R&D capabilities, most of the fastener products are concentrated in the low-end market and the competition is fierce; while some high-end, high-tech fastener products need to be imported in large quantities. This has resulted in an oversupply of low- and medium-end products in the market, while domestic supply of high-end products with high technical content is insufficient.

High-end fasteners are mainly concentrated in the fields of aerospace, high-speed rail, wind power, nuclear power, automobiles and ships, and most of this field belongs to China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. In 2013, the output value of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, such as intelligent manufacturing, high-speed rail transit, and ocean engineering, accounted for more than 10% of the equipment manufacturing industry. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is at the high end of the value chain and at the core of the industrial chain. It is a strategic emerging industry that determines the overall competitiveness of the entire industrial chain. It is a manifestation of the core competitiveness of China's industry and has received strong support from the government. The scale of the high-end fastener market will continue to rise with the rapid development of aerospace, satellites and applications, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment, nuclear power, wind power, and automobiles. It is expected that by the end of 2020, China's high-end fastener market will grow More than 65 billion yuan.

At present, affected by the global economic contraction and the increasing downward pressure of the domestic economy, the downstream demand for fasteners is insufficient, especially the domestic fasteners have a serious overcapacity of low-end products, and the supply of high-end products is insufficient. The adjustment of industrial structure is imminent. Compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, the technical level of my country's fastener industry still has a large gap, which is mainly reflected in the production equipment and raw materials. Most of the fastener manufacturers in China are small in scale, backward in production technology, poor in equipment, slow in technological innovation, and poor in surface treatment. This has led to an excess of production capacity for low-level products in the fastener industry in China, and the supply of fastener products is in short supply; in addition, The variety, specifications, and quality of domestic fastener steels cannot fully meet the requirements of the fastener industry. As a result, the processes that should have been solved in the metallurgical industry are transferred to fastener companies. At present, only a few companies can rely on their own comparisons. Strong comprehensive strength solves this problem.

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