Types of Fasteners

Types of Fasteners


A fastener is a specialized hardware object that secure […]

A fastener is a specialized hardware object that securely joins or secures two or more fixed objects together permanently. In simple terms, fasteners are utilized to make permanent connections; which is, permanent joints which cannot be easily dismantled or removed without damaging the underlying joining elements. Fasteners may be classified as a bolt, screw, rivet, or tap. They're also used in construction sites as roof shingles, clamps, nails, and so on.

A fastener is usually used for joining two or more pieces of wood, metal, or plastic together. Fasteners may be utilized for fastening different kinds of woods, including oak, pine, and mahogany. The fastener, when used for attaching two wooden beams together, may comprise a bolt with a threaded end and a nut on one of the ends, or a bolt with an open ended head and a nut on the other end. There are lots of fastener devices available for fastening different kinds of materials. Some examples include: nuts, screws, hinges, and tie rods.

Screws are the most common fastener that's available. They're often called hexagonal screws or simply hex nuts. The head of a hex nut is either threaded or has a threaded head. Hex nuts are typically utilized for fastening lighter weight materials such as ropes and aluminum. Examples of lightweight bolts are those that are secured to wooden beams by fastening them through the center of the holes in the bottom of the beam.

The next type of fastener is the screw. The fastener may have a threaded head and a threaded hole in its body. Threaded fasteners are normally utilized for attaching mats, carpet, and other thin fabrics, while threads have been used in shoes and clothing. The threading in a nut creates a raised lip around the hole, which provides a gripping surface for when the nut is squeezed.

Bolts are the next variety of fastener to discuss. A bolt can either be T-shaped or straight. The T-shape is similar to a hex nut; however, it's installed with the T face facing outwards. A straight bolt is one that's constructed in a conical shape with a flat surface on each side of the bolt. These fasteners are usually installed on bolts that are directly connected to the wall.

Other types of fasteners include hexagonal head and non-hexagonal head fasteners. A hexagonal head is a single sided fastener, whereas a non-hexagonal head is a double sided fastener. Both types are made from steel, although, there are some that are made from plastic. Some examples include: rivet nut, drywall screw, drywall nail, and cap screws. All these types of fasteners come in different sizes to fit the requirements of any project.

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