Zinc Plated Hex Nut

Zinc Plated Hex Nut


A zinc plated hex nut is a high quality nut manufacture […]

A zinc plated hex nut is a high quality nut manufactured from grade 2 carbon steel. It is used to join various metal and wood components. They can also be used with threaded rods, bolts, and screws. Its threads are ANSI B1.1 compliant. SAE J995 grade 2 standard allows for superior strength and durability. The zinc plating makes it more corrosion resistant than other metal nuts.

Zinc Plating is a glossy, durable coating that prevents corrosion and rusting. Its durable material provides long-term, reliable performance. Its cost is significantly less than that of stainless steel, which is expensive and prone to corrosive environments. Hex Nuts are generally used for facilitating assembly. These nuts are commonly used in construction and general fastening applications. They are available in coarse and fine threads to fit a variety of screws and hex bolts.

The din6923 hex flange nuts are typically used for pipe and flange connections. Their larger bearing surface is important in minimizing chances of damage. You can choose between the non-serrated and serrated versions. Both sizes are available in imperial and metric measurements. To ensure proper alignment, you should check the flange nut specifications before buying them. The following is a guide to choosing a din6923 hex flange nut for your application.

This hex nut is forged carbon steel and is used for flange-to-flange connections. They are extremely durable and will not break even under normal use. A DIN6923 hex nut will last for many years, proving that they are well-suited for many applications. Its size and shape enable them to fit a wide variety of flanges.

Unlike the metric version, the hex flange nut has a serrated base on the bearing and mating surfaces. This feature prevents accidental loosening of the nut after installation. It is available in stainless steel, CR+3 zinc plated steel, and is manufactured to ISO 4161 sizing standards. These flange nuts are used for various applications in industry, especially in the automotive industry.

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