Custom Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw
Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw

Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw

The Galvanized hex head hex washer screw kit comes with ten hex head screws with washers attached. They come with a round-nose diameter of #13" and they have three/four" long bolts. The hexes are zinc-plated and the screws are coated with a special lacquer for enhanced corrosion-and-rust-resistance. The hexes are plated with lead and the screw's center section is coated with zinc to ensure its longevity. The hex heads are plated and coated with black oxide to further improve their rust resistance.

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Jiaxing Yutong Technology Co., Ltd is famous Custom Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw Manufacturers and China Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw suppliers. Our fasteners meet the international ISO standard, the German DIN standard, the American ANSI standard, the British BS standard, Chinese GB standard etc. Fastener grades are Grade4.8, 8.8 and 10.9. Grade A B C is available too. Cover almost the entire applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and processing industries. In addition to customized Galvanized Hex Head Wood Screw, we also produce mainstream fasteners.

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