Traditional industries are not traditional, Haiyan Fasteners make precise efforts.

Traditional industries are not traditional, Haiyan Fasteners make precise efforts.


In the warehouse of more than 3,000 square meters, all […]

In the warehouse of more than 3,000 square meters, all kinds of fasteners are "lived" into the three-dimensional warehouse. The operator Qian Feifei scans the QR code with his mobile phone to immediately obtain the "address" of each product, find, pick and place Both precise and efficient. This is the scene the reporter saw in the workshop of Zhejiang Yichen Hardware Co., Ltd. in Qinshan Street, Haiyan County.

"Haiyan will build an industrial Internet platform for the fastener industry through the application of new technologies such as 5G, big data and artificial intelligence." The main person in charge of the Haiyan County Party Committee said that Haiyan, which has more than 600 fastener companies, is known as "Iron Sea Salt." It is said that we must bravely be the waver of the digital economy and launch an assault on the high-end and intelligent traditional manufacturing industry.

Retreat and enter the world wide. In recent years, Haiyan has deepened the renovation and upgrading of the fastener cluster area, shutting down more than 300 companies that did not meet the planned layout, low industrial level, and prominent safety hazards. "Traditional industry upgrades should be "retreed" and "advanced"." Xu Hongliang, deputy director of the County Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, said that Haiyan actively introduced the top 500 domestic Zhongtian Group and the famous German fastener company Wuer from the perspective of complementing the industrial chain. A number of "Great High" projects, such as Special, Zhejiang Zhongtuo New Materials, have driven the entire industry to implement digital transformation.

Supporting digital transformation. Since 2019, Haiyan has listed 15 enterprises of different sizes, including Yuxing Nut, Qifeng Precision, and Tiankai Industrial, as pilot demonstration enterprises, and grants a financial guarantee of up to 50% of the transformation cost. "Subsidies", currently 21 companies have met the digital transformation evaluation criteria, and the total amount of subsidies is 3.5886 million yuan.

Use the "brain" to help innovation. Haiyan serves as a bridge for fastener companies and “marries” with universities such as Shanghai University to enhance corporate capabilities and focus on high-end areas such as automobiles, aerospace, high-speed rail and roads. "With the help of graduate students from Wuhan University of Technology, we continue to develop new molds to shift the market from the home furnishing industry to the automotive industry." Fang Ruihai, chairman of Zhejiang Fangquan Automotive Standard Parts Co., Ltd., said that at present, GM, BYD and other automobile manufacturers have already used the enterprise The product.

Practice "internal strength" and expand the market. Unmanned trucks come and go freely, automated production lines run at high speeds, automated packaging lines are "non-stop"... Entering Zhejiang Dingsheng Automotive Fasteners Company, the intelligent scene attracts people. In recent years, the company has invested more than 70 million yuan to build a smart factory integrating R&D and design, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, sales and services, and its production efficiency has increased by 10% compared to before the transformation, making it the first smart factory in the Haiyan fastener industry . At present, Haiyan fastener companies are actively seeking changes and actively embracing the digital economy. It is estimated that 70% of fastener companies will complete digital transformation this year.

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